143d Infantry, 36th Infantry Division
Montelimar, France
27 August 1944

greggWhen the point element of 2Lt (then TSgt) Gregg’s unit was engaged and pinned down by enemy position, Gregg put his machineguns into action to cover the advance of his riflemen but the enemy had already killed or wounded 7 Americans.

When Medics moved in to render aid, the Germans then began targeting Medics.

2Lt Gregg took a .30-Cal and provided devastating covering fire allowing his Medics to recover the wounded.

Once his ammo was depleted, 4 Germans rushed his position and ordered Gregg to surrender.  Gregg declined the offer to surrender.

One of 2Lt Gregg’s men saw his predicament and fired on the Germans causing them to take cover and allowing Gregg to wrestle one of their weapons away. He escaped and neutralized most of his captors and sending the rest in retreat. At daybreak, the Germans launched a counter attack, supported by tanks, and artillery.

Gregg immediately ordered his mortars into action and was able to direct effective fire on the advancing enemy armor.  Gregg corrected fire for over 600 rounds before his communications were knocked out.

He went looking for the problem and was informed that the positon had been over-run and the enemy was using the captured Mortars to fire on American positions

2Lt. Gregg and one other Soldier maneuvered toward the captured position where they found 5 Germans firing his mortars. Gregg crawled up and then charged the enemy gun crew in close quarters combat, Killing one , wounding 2 and taking the survivors prisoner.

The Mortars were turned back on the enemy and the tide of battle turned to victory.



1Lt Gregg Passed peacefully on 4 Feb. 2005 at the age of 91 years


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