36th Infantry Division
Near Salerno, Italy
9 September 1943
logan 1Sgt. Logan landed with the first wave of the assault on the beaches of Salerno. Once his company was on the beach and moving inland they came under heavy counter-attack from enemy emplacements behind a long rock wall.

Sgt Logan voluntarily exposed himself to enemy machineguns as he made a one-man assault on enemy gun positions. He then attacked the machinegun position eliminating the threat.

He sprinted across  200 yards of exposed terrain a withering enemy fire until he reached the wall, then he crawled along the base,  until he reached a gun port. He jumped in the opening and shot the 2 gunners down, and seized the gun.

Swinging the heavy machine gun around, Logan immediately opened fire on the enemy inflicting further casualties on them as they fled. Sgt. Logan also captured an enemy officer and enlisted soldier who were attempting to flee.

Later that same morning, Sgt. Logan stalked a sniper hidden in a house about 150 yards from his position. Sgt. Logan again ran a gauntlet of fire to reach the building that held the Sniper team. He kicked in the door and eliminated the sniper threat with a blast from his carbine.

Sgt. Logan’s heroic actions were an inspiration to all the men of his company.

Sergeant Logan continued to serve as a combat soldier in Europe, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart in addition to his Medal of Honor.

logan 2


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