Troop A, 117th Cavalry Recon Sqdrn
Montreval France
2 September 1944

leeLt Lee was a Platoon leader with Troop A, when the Germans mounted a strong counterattack, encircling the town and engaging Lee’s platoon defending Montreval.

The battle raged for several hours of German Armor, artillery and infantry attacks.

Understanding that his men could not withstand another focused mortar attack, Lt. Lee organized a patrol to knock out the enemy mortars.

He led his small group forward, sweeping enemy riflemen out of position and engaging  7 Germans manning 2 large mortars and an armored half-track.

Armed with a rifle and grenades, he left his men on the high ground and crawled to within 30 yards of the mortars, where the enemy discovered him and unleashed machine-pistol fire which shattered his right thigh.

Lee dragged himself forward where he killed 5 of the enemy with rifle fire and sent the others in retreat before he reached their position.

An armored vehicle fired on Lee and he took cover behind the German Half-track where he found an unfired panzerfaust.

With complete disregard for his own wounds and lifeless arm, Lee inched his way toward the enemy vehicle, maneuvering into range he engaged the vehicle with a round from the rocket launcher.

Once he had cleared the slope, he struggled back to his men, where he collapsed from blood loss. Lee SUrvived the was an attained the rank of Captain before returning to civilian life.

Dan Lee Passsed peacefully on January 22, 1985 (aged 65)


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