Co A, 9th Inf Reg
2nd Infantry Division
Agok, Korea
1 September 1950

storyThe enemy employed 3 full divisions in a savage daylight attack that penetrated the thinly held US lines. Pfc. Story was with A CO as they repelled several banzai style attacks but was being surrounded and cut off.

Pfc. Story, and his squad were heavily engaged in close combat early in the battle and Story had just repositioned his men into a defensive position overlooking the Naktong River. The young Squad leader spotted a large force of enemy crossing the river to attack a nearby American position.

Story snatched a machine gun from a wounded gunner and delivered deadly accurate fire on the hostile column killing or wounding an estimated 100 enemy soldiers.

With encirclement a certainty the company commander ordered a withdrawal. Pfc. Story noticed an enemy truck loaded with troops and towing an ammunition trailer headed their way. He ordered his men take cover, then fearlessly stood in the middle of the road, throwing grenades into the truck.

The enemy took advantage of the withdrawal and attacked the Americans in force with a vastly numerically superior force forcing some of them to flee into a rice field. With full disregard to his own wounds, Pfc Story rallied the men about him and repelled the attack.

Realizing the severity of his wounds and that he would slow down his comrade’s retreat to cover he refused to retire to the next position but remained to cover the company’s withdrawal.

When last seen, Story was firing every weapon available and fighting off another hostile assault.

He fought to the end giving his life for his brothers.


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