308th Infantry, 77th Division
Revillon, France
14 September 1918

milesCapt. Miles volunteered to lead an attack on a vital position near the Aisne Canal. Other attempts had already failed and Cpt. Miles was well aware that the odds of success were tiny.

They made their attack without the benefit of artillery support and were met with intense machinegun fire.  Capt. Miles led the first wave, personally cutting a passage through the enemy’s wire entanglements. He was wounded five (5) separate times during the initial assault.

The bones in both of Miles’ legs and one arm had been smashed by enemy machinegun rounds. The Officer ordered himself placed on a stretcher and had himself carried forward so he could command and encourage his men who had suffered numerous casualties.

Miles and his men held the hostile position and consolidated the front after 2 hours of fierce enemy engagement. At the conclusion of the battle two of Capt. Miles men realized the Capt. was bleeding to death and, against his will, carried him to the aid station.  Capt. Miles survived to fight another day.


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