Company L, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division
Near Chorwon, Korea
6 and 7 September 1951

CrumpDuring the night of Sept. 6th  a numerically superior hostile force launched an assault against his platoon’s position. Friendly positions were immediately overrun and North Korean soldiers were swarming American positions.

Cpl. Crump repeatedly exposed himself delivering deadly fire and inflicting numerous enemy casualties. When he spotted 2 enemy soldiers about to capture one of his gun positions, Crump charged and killed both with his bayonet.

He took a defensive position protecting 4 of his wounded comrades and  he continued to repel enemy troops surrounding his emplacement.  An enemy hand grenade landed amongst the wounded soldiers and Cpl. Crump immediately flung himself on top of the explosive absorbing the blast with his body. Cpl. Crump never let up – He held his ground, and he somehow survived the blast. 

Cpl. Jerry Crump was killed in a traffic accident in 1977. 


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