7 September

Cpl  JERRY K. CRUMP Company L, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division Near Chorwon, Korea 6 and 7 September 1951 During the night of Sept. 6th  a numerically superior hostile force launched an assault against his platoon’s position. Friendly positions were immediately overrun and North Korean soldiers were swarming American positions. Cpl. Crump repeatedly exposed … Continue reading 7 September


6 September

Cpl. WILSON SMITHBattery H, 3rd New York Light ArtilleryWashington, N.C.6 September 1862 “General Order #37: Then general commanding this department desires to express his approbation of the conduct of Captain Riggs’s battery of light artillery of the Third New York Volunteers, in the attack on Washington, NC and particularly the conduct of Corporal Wilson Smith … Continue reading 6 September

31 August

SFC ERNEST R. KOUMA Co. A, 72nd Tank Battalion Agok Korea 31 August 1950. Kouma, a tank commander, distinguished himself while his unit was supporting US forces on the Naktong Riverfront. The night of 31 August 1950, an enemy force of approximately 500 launched a fierce attack against the positions SFC Kouma was supporting. A … Continue reading 31 August

30 August

1Lt KENNETH AMBROSE WALSH, Marine Fighting Squadron 124, U.S.M.C Solomon Islands Airspace 15 and 30 August 1943 Kenneth Walsh enlisted in the Marines as a Private and was swiftly selected for enlisted Pilot training. His skill and intellect led the Corps to give Walsh a direct commission and an assignment to a Combat Squadron. Second … Continue reading 30 August