Company C, 35th Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Division
Saga, Korea
19 September 1950

jecelinSgt. Jecelin’s company was ordered to secure a prominent, sawtoothed ridge from a well-entrenched and heavily armed enemy. Unable to capture the objective in the first attempt, a frontal and flanking assault was launched.

Jecelin led his platoon through heavy enemy machinegun and rifle fire, across ricefields and rocky terrain, in order to draw fire away from the flanks. The unit advanced to the base of the cliff, where intense, hostile fire stopped the attack. Realizing that an assault was the only solution, Sgt. Jecelin rose from his position firing his rifle and throwing grenades as he shouted “Folly Me.”   The squad was forced to take cover at the crest of the ridge where Sgt. Jecelin again rallied his men and stormed the enemy strongpoint – With fixed bayonets. Charging into the face of ferocious enemy fire, and engaging the enemy in hand-to-hand combat.

After clubbing and slashing the enemy into submission the platoon was engaged by direct frontal fire from a self-propelled gun. Refusing to be stopped he leaped to his feet and through sheer personal courage and fierce determination, Sgt Jecelin led his men in a new attack.

A well-camouflaged enemy soldier threw a grenade at the remaining members of the platoon. Sgt. Jecelin immediately lunged and covered the grenade with his body, absorbing the full force of the explosion to save those around him.

This incredible courage and willingness to sacrifice himself for his comrades so imbued them with that fighting spirit, they completely eliminated the enemy force.

Sgt. Jecelin’s  heroic leadership, outstanding gallantry culminating in the willing sacrifice of his own life for his men and reflect the highest
No Greater Love.


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