Company L, 14th Inf Reg, 25th ID
Near Sataeri, Korea
12 October 1952

westPfc. West voluntarily accompanied a small detachment on a forward mission to locate and destroy a reported enemy outpost. The patrol was ambushed and decimated, West saw that his command officer was wounded and lying in the open.

Pfc. West ordered the other members of his squad to withdraw, then moved forward himself, in the face of intense fire to reach and assist his fallen officer. Three enemy soldiers attacked West and the wounded officer with small arms and grenades.

PFC west immediately put his own body between the officer and the attackers, protecting him from further wounds.  West dispatched all three enemy soldiers with his Carbine then picked up his officer and carried him to safety.

Although critically wounded in the action, losing an eye, West turned around and made the return trip through the same withering fire to recover 2 more wounded Americans and kill several more enemy soldiers.

The last line of PFC Ernest West’s Medal of Honor citation reads as follows:

“Pfc. West’s indomitable spirit, consummate valor, and intrepid actions inspired all who observed him, reflect the highest credit on himself, and uphold the honored traditions of the military service.”


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