Co. E, 413th Infantry, 104th Infantry Division
Mark River, Holland
2 November 1944

boltonOn the night of 2 November 1944, Bolton had just led his men across the Mark River when 2 enemy machineguns opened up and pinned his men down.

The Lt. called in mortar fire but was unable to effectively direct fire on enemy positions because of camouflage and darkness.

He moved closer and continued to direct fire until he was wounded and rendered unconscious by a blast.

When the Lt. regained consciousness he crawled forward with a Bazooka team then advanced through chest deep, ice and water along a canal toward the enemy machinegun.

Bolton advanced alone to within 15 meters of the objective, then Charged the last stretch to the enemy gun position killing both gunners.

He returned to where he left the Bazooka team and led the assault on the 2nd enemy position. Stopping only to dispatch an enemy sniper who took a pot-shot at him.

1Lt. Bolton killed 1 of the 3 gunners with his rifle while the other 2 were dispatched by his men.

Bolton continued with his Bazooka team in locating an enemy 88-MM anti-tank gun that was wreaking havoc on US positions.

They once again crossed the icy canal to get close enough to make out the gun’s silhouette and destroy it.

Bolton was wounded a third time on the return trip, heavy enemy fire meant that his men were at great risk if they tried to recover him so he ordered them to go on and 1Lt Bolton crawled, under enemy fire back to US lines where he collapsed from blood loss.



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