Co A, 34th Inf, 24th ID
Leyte. Philippine Islands
3 November 1944

mowerWhile serving as an assistant squad leader during an attack against strongly defended enemy positions that were on both sides of a Stream the group needed to cross. Visibility was limited by trees and brush

His Squad leader was killed and Mower took command. And started to lead his men across the stream to bring direct fire on enemy positions but was severely wounded in both legs and fell into the water.

Oddly enough Mower realized that the best vantage point for command was where he fell so he simply began directing his troops.

Half submerged, gravely wounded, still refusing to even allow his medic to come to him. He continued to shout and signal to his squad as he directed it in the destruction of 2 enemy machineguns and numerous riflemen.

The effect was devastating to the enemy and they soon realized that the wounded man in the middle of the stream was in charge and giving effective combat orders

The remaining Japanese concentrated the full force of their firepower upon Mower and he was killed while still urging his men on.


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