Mess Sgt.
Battery B, 88th Field Artillery
Philippine Scouts.
Culis, Bataan Province
Philippine Islands
16 January 1942

Sgt. Calugas was a cook for the American forces, a member of the Philipino Scouts.calugas

When a gun battery was attacked and shelled by the enemy destroying all but one gun and killing the crews, Sgt. Calugas went into action.

Calugas was mess sergeant to another battery but he voluntarily and without orders ran 1,000 yards across the shell-swept area to the gun position.

Once in position Sgt. Calugas rallied and organized a hasty gun crew to man the weapon and put fire on the enemy.  In spite of exceptionally accurate enemy artillery and a constant barrage Sgt. Calugas managed to keep the gun in the fight preventing the enemy from gaining the upper hand.

On April 30, 1945, the Medal of Honor was draped around the  neck of Jose Calugas in a special ceremony. Following the ceremony, Calugas was offered U.S. citizenship and a commission in the United States Army. He joined the army as a second lieutenant.


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