ODA-431, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Thong Binh, Republic of Vietnam
18 Jan 1968.

Sgt. Yntema,  was acting as an advisor to a larger force of civilian irregulars from Camp 18 jan picCai Cai.

They became heavily engaged in a small-arms firefight with the Viet Cong. Yntema assumed command of the force when the Vietnamese commander was seriously wounded.

He advanced his troops to within 50 meters of the enemy bunkers and engaged them in a fierce 30 min firefight before Sgt. Yntema was forced to withdraw his men to a position with cover.

A company of Viet Cong maneuvered, under cover of heavy machinegun fire, into a position where they could pin down the friendly forces from 3 sides.

Although short on ammunition, seriously wounded and ordered to… Sgt. Yntema refused to leave his wounded comrades.

Yntema  carried the wounded Vietnamese commander and a mortally wounded American Special Forces advisor to a position with cover then continued to repulse the attacking Viet Cong.

When he had expended the last of his ammo and grenades the Viet Cong offered Yntema the opportunity to surrender.

Sgt. Yntema stood his ground and when approximately 15 VC tried to overrun his position, he used his rifle like a War Club repulsing them until they gave up the attempt to take Sgt Yntema prisoner and shot him.   He gave his life fighting for his brothers.


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