Company A, 4th Battalion
9th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division
Near Phu Hoa Dong, RVN
26 February 1967

1SG Yabes’ company was providing security for a land clearing operation when they yabescame under intense automatic weapons, and mortar fire then was attacked from 3 sides by a Batallion size element of enemy infantry.

The enemy breached the American perimeter advancing on the Command Post. Bunker. Enemy fire was concentrated on the CP Bunker. With sappers approaching, it was in imminent danger of being overwhelmed. When Several enemy hand grenades landed within the bunker walls, 1SG Yabes shouted a warning, then put himself between the explosives and his men using his body as a shield to protect others in the bunker.

Disregarding his multiple shrapnel wounds, he remained at his post to provide covering fire and enable the others in the command group to relocate.

Once the command group had reached a new position, 1SG. Yabes followed through a withering hail of enemy fire to another bunker 50 meters away where he secured an M-79 grenade launcher from a fallen comrade and fired point-blank into the attacking Viet Cong ending further penetration of the perimeter at the position.

Yabes spotted 2 wounded soldiers helpless in open under enemy fire. He ran out int the fray and removed both men to cover. Returning to his position of cover, Yabes provided accurate and effective covering fire, killing several enemy soldiers and forcing others to withdraw from the vicinity of the command post.

As the battle continued, Yabes located an enemy machinegun within the perimeter, pummeling American gun positions from behind. Unassisted, Yabes dashed across the exposed area, engaging the enemy gun as he advanced he was mortally wounded but continued several more steps, killing the gun crew, destroying the weapon, before he succumbed to his wounds.

1SG Maximo Yabes’ valiant and selfless actions saved the lives of many of his fellow soldiers and inspired his comrades to effectively repel the enemy assault.



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