B Co.  1st Bn, 5th Inf Reft. 25th ID
Hau Nghia Province, RVN
25 March 1969


1Lt. Doane was serving as a platoon leader when his unit was ambushed by an enemy Doaneforce concealed in protected bunkers and trenches. Three of the Lt’s men were pinned down in the front and one was obviously seriously wounded.

After the first rescue effort failed 1Lt Doane concluded that a small group could successfully move close enough to destroy the enemy position and rescue the trapped soldiers.

Doane was the kind of officer who led from the front and began the rescue operation by crawling to the nearest enemy bunker and silenced it.

Although severely wounded Doane continued to advance to a second enemy bunker where he was again wounded. Doane saw no alternative; his men were pinned down.

He pulled the pin on the grenade and lunged into the enemy bunker with the activated explosive device in his hands. The detonation destroyed the last enemy obstacle making it possible to rescue his Soldiers.

1lt Doane did not survive the explosion.


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