Col Logan Weston
“The Fighting Preacher”
Merrill’s Marauders

Col. Weston is the veteran of three major wars, WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam.Weston-L
In 1941 Logan was in his 3rd year at Transylvania  Bible College when he was drafted.

A man of extreme faith he believed God called him to Preach and His country called him to fight. He answered both calls

Weston proved himself time and again earning promotions to the rank of Staff Sargent, E-6, before being given a Battlefield commission.  In New Georgia, Weston’s ship was hit and sank, leaving the young officer and his men floundering in the Pacific.  They swam to the few landing craft that was still afloat and proceeded to their objective. Establishing a beachhead and holding it for 2 days until the rest of the invasion force could reorganize.

When presented an opportunity to volunteer for a secret and dangerous mission, he jumped at it and was assigned to – Merrill’s Marauders.

He was personally involved in 18 major battles and Weston was eventually found unconscious in his fighting position, suffering shrapnel wounds, exhaustion, malnutrition, and malaria. He was treated and returned to combat where he was again wounded and evacuated.

merrills_marauders 1WW2 ended and Weston was discharged as a Captain he returned to Bible school and finished his studies then requested an active duty Chaplains slot.  An administrative delay landed the Captain back in the infantry just in time to deploy to Korea as Company Commander in the 25th Div. Weston was wounded three separate times as he led his men in a counter-attack.   After Kores, Weston’s sons issued him a challenge and at 40 years old he applied for, was accepted to and successfully completed U.S. Army Airborne training.

When retirement time came Weston chose a command position in the 82nd instead and went on to join Special Forces where he developed the Counterinsurgency course.    After 28 years serving his flag Col. Weston retired and finally went into ministry full time – He was known to have maintained his Christian values even in the  heat of extended battle and was affectionately known as the “Fighting Preacher.”  He never did become an Army Chaplain – I think that maybe the only thing Col. Logan Weston set out to do that he didn’t accomplish

Col. Weston’s Military awards include the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star x2, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star (V) x5, Purple Heart x4, Combat Infantryman Badge x2, Senior Parachutist Badge, Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab and is included in the Ranger Hall of Fame.

Col. Logan E. Weston, 89, died May 5, 2003. 


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