149th Infantry, 38th Infantry Division.
Zambales Mountains, Philippine Islands
22 April 1945

Thomas was a part of his company’s leading squad and was attacking along a wooded thomasridge.

The enemy hurled satchel charges at the advancing Americans. One of these charges blew off both of Thomas’ legs.  He applied tourniquets and refused additional medical aid or evacuation. He stood his ground continuing to fire at the oncoming enemy until his weapon was struck by an enemy bullet, both destroying his weapon and wounding the young private.

When his medic responded, Thomas, sent him to render aid to someone with a better chance of surviving, then continued to engage the enemy with his sidearm and last 2 hand grenades. Thomas killed 3 more of the attacking enemy.

Thomas’ company took the objective and secured the position, PFC William Thomas was at the tip f the assault, He fought right up until the moment he bled out saving the lives of sevral of his comrades and keeping the enemy at bay.

Pfc Thomas died of his wounds after the objective was taken, he fought right till the end.

The last lines of Pfc Thomas’ Medal of Honor Citation read:

“  The effective fire of Pfc. Thomas prevented the repulse of his platoon and assured the capture of the hostile position. His magnificent courage and heroic devotion to duty provided a lasting inspiration for his comrades.”

(Not to mention he did it with both his legs blown off  – Watermelons)


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