Co. A, 30th Inf, 3rd ID
Padiglione, Italy
23-24 April 1944.

Pfc Squires  company was on duty as platoon runner, participating in his first offensive action; the attack against deeply entrenched enemy positions in and around Spaccasassi Creek, near Padiglione, Italy.

On the night of 23-24 April, PFC. Squires, made his way 50 yards forward to the advance element in order to investigate the effects of an antitank mine explosion on the leading platoon.

See in the chaotic results Squires went into action.  He rounded up stragglers, reconnoitered a new route, facilitated the called for the evacuation of wounded then organized a group of lost men into a squad and led them forward to the attack.

The Platoon established an outpost at Spaccasassi Creek, Pfc. Squires, knowing that almost all of the noncommissioned officers were casualties, took command.

When his platoon reduced to 14 men, Squired picked his way through barbed wire and across an enemy minefield, under intense enemy fire to get ammunition and reinforcement. Three times in the early morning the outpost was counterattacked. Each time Pfc. Squires maintained command and repelled the enemy.  He continued to press the enemy taking 21 more prisoners and 13 more Spandau guns.

Squires forced a prisoner to train him in the use of the MG-42 Spandau Gun, and then he placed the captured guns in position and instructed other members of his platoon in their operation. The next night when the Germans attacked the outpost again he killed 3 and wounded more Germans with captured potato-masher grenades and fire from his Spandau gun.

After the battle, PFC Squires was given a battlefield promotion to Sargent (E-5) and recommended for the Medal of Honor

One month later Sgt. Squires gave his life for his brothers in a subsequent battle, the Medal was awarded Posthumously.


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