C Co, 21st Inf. Reg. 24th ID
Near Mugok, Korea
26 April 1951

When SFC Ray Duke got word that several of his men had been surrounded. Knowing dukethey were cut off and pinned down, Duke organized and led a small group of his men in a suicidal, yet successful, rescue attempt. He not only saved his men – he took the position back from the enemy.

The enemy mounted a counteroffensive, this time in greater numbers, resulting in several casualties. Although wounded mortar fire, Duke continued to effectively coordinate fields of fire and to encourage his men to stand their ground. Duke was wounded a second time forcing him to seek medical aid before returning to the line, but he returned to the line to lead his men.

Shortly after sunrise, the enemy attacked again, only even greater numbers. Still, Duke’s men held their ground until the situation became untenable and the order to pull back was given. SFC Duke took his third wound of that day in both of his legs. He was no longer able to walk.

When he saw that evacuating him, put two of his men in serious jeopardy of capture or death – he ordered them to leave him to cover the rear as they evacuated other wounded/

SFC Ray Duke was last seen pouring devastating fire into waves of enemy soldiers advancing on his men.  He remained in command until the end.


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