111 Marine Amphibious Force.
Quang Ngai province, RVN
8 May 1970

LCPL Keith was serving as a machine gunner when he was wounded when his platoon kiethattacked by a much larger enemy force.

Although wounded and in intense pain, LCPL Keith exposed himself to heavy enemy fire in order to check the security of vital defensive positions and once he was out there – he poured a hail of machine-gun fire on his enemy.  Five enemy soldiers rushed the command post, but Keith saw them and strode forward, firing from the hip, as he advanced.

Three of the five fell to his fire, a grenade detonated knocking him to the ground and inflicting further severe wounds.  Weak from loss of blood, he once again exposed himself to concentrated hostile fire as he attacked a group of approx. 25 enemy soldiers who were readying an attack.

He sent 4 of the enemy soldiers to meet their god and the rest running for cover.

LCPL Keith was mortally wounded during the exchange.


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