168th Infantry, 34th ID
Villa Crocetta, Italy
29 May 1944.

On 29 May, Capt. Galt’s unit was involved in an
intense battle against enemy tanks and galtInfantry. After two unsuccessful attacks. It appeared the tide of battle was turning against the Americans.

Although as S3 (training and operations officer), he was well rear of the forward line of battle, Cpt. Galt went forward to assess the situation and took command of the assaulting Americans.

Seeing the dire nature of the situation and at the risk of his own life, Cpt. Galt jumped on the deck of a tank destroyer and led the attack from the front.

Manning the M-10’s .30-cal turret gun, he led his men into battle. After immediately identifying the enemy 77mm. Anti-tank gun giving the battalion a beating, Galt destroyed it, then standing fully exposed on the deck of the M-10 Tank destroyer, the young Captain moved forward firing his machinegun and chucking hand grenades left and right into the enemy trenches.

Despite the hail of sniper and machinegun rounds ricocheting all around him as the tank destroyer advanced, Capt. Galt maneuvered into a position where he could trap approx 40 enemy Soldiers in their trench. They refused to surrender and Capt. Galt dispatched them to their god with his .30-cal.

Galt’s tank destroyer was struck a few minutes later by an 88mm round. Capt. Galt fell mortally wounded across his machinegun. He had personally killed more than 40 enemy soldiers and wounded many more, securing the day for his fellow Americans.

He led from the front and died as a leader.


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