Co I, 31st Inf Reg, 7th ID
Hwach’on-Myon, Korea
5 June 1951.
wilson 1First Lieutenant (then M/Sgt.), Wilson and his company were tasked with taking and holding a piece of commanding terrain defended by a superior and well dug-in enemy force.

When the element on point was pinned down by enemy fire, MSgt Wilson charged forward firing his weapon and delivering grenades to the enemy positions, neutralizing the threat and stopping any enemy advance.

MSgt Wilson then led a bayonet attack that eliminated another 27 enemy soldiers.

The first counterattack came and, seeing the imminent threat of being overrun, Wilson decided that being overrun was just not an option.

He embarked on a One-Man charge, killing 7 more enemy soldiers and sending the remainder packing.

Wilson then led an assault on the final objective.

Enemy reinforcements put the unit in a position where they were outnumbered and outgunned and at risk of being surrounded…  It was time to withdraw.

He gave the order to pull back then in spite of his own wounds, MSgt Wilson stood his ground and covered his men’s retreat then followed. .

The next enemy counter-attack came and had devastating results.  Wilson’s platoon leader and CO were both casualties…  MSgt Wilson took command.

Wilson again charged the enemy, killing 3 enemy soldiers with his rifle before it was ripped from his hands in close quarters combat. Wilson used his entrenching –tool to dispatch another 4 enemy

Wilson took his second wound while evacuating wounded, he refused evacuation and remained in the fight with his men until everyone had been withdrawn.

Wilson remained in the Army and attained the Rank of Major, He made that last muster in 1988.


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