7th Infantry Division
Pyongony, Korea
12 June 1952

Svehla.jpgPfc Svehla and his platoon were reconnoitering a strategic area to establish enemy strength and positions when they were ambushed and subjected to intense enemy fire from the high ground.

When the platoon began to falter and it appeared they would be overrun, Pfc  Svehla leaped to his feet and charged, firing his rifle from the hip and throwing grenades as he advanced.

When his platoon saw the young soldier move forward they rallied and fought with renewed resolve.

Private First Class Svehla, utterly disregarding his own safety, destroyed enemy positions and inflicted heavy casualties and destroying enemy bunkers and gun emplacements.

Svehla was wounded in the face but continued to fight refusing medical aid he continued to lead the attack.

An enemy hand grenade landed in the middle of a group of soldiers inclusing Svehla, without hesitation, threw himself upon the grenade, taking the full explosion and shielding his brothers from injury.





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