Medical Co. 223d Inf Reg. 40th ID
Vicinity of Minari-gol, Korea
14 June 1952

bleakSgt. Bleak was serving as a  combat medic when he volunteered to go on a reconnaissance patrol.

As the patrol traversed the rough slope of Hill 499 they came under attack by heavy automatic weapons and small-arms fire, causing several U.S, casualties.

While Bleak was administering aid Communist forces attacked him from a concealed trench to the flank.

Apparently, this angered the over 6 foot and well over 250lb plus medic … and anyone who has ever seen a combat Medic in action knows this is unhealthy.

Bleak charged into the enemy position, unarmed killing one enemy soldier by crushing his larynx with his bare hand, another by twisting his head until his neck broke and the third with his trench knife.

A grenade bounced off another soldiers helmet and to the ground, Sgt bleak jumped on top of the soldier to protect him from the blast absorbing the shrapnel with his body.

The giant man survived and although, also shot in the leg the Medic ignored his own wounds to care for his men. Bleak was evacuating a wounded soldier by carrying him across his back when two communist soldiers attacked him with fixed bayonets.

Witness counts describe the incident saying the big medic “grabbed both Koreans and banged their heads together”, never dropping the wounded soldier, then proceeding to medical aid with his patient in tow.

David Bleak made that last PCS on 23 March, 2006 at the age of 74.   – He had been married to the same woman for over 45 years.


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