Co. I, 11th New Hampshire Inf.
Petersburg, Va.,
17 June 1864

rowe henry wAll Pvt Rowe’s Medal l of Honor Citation says is:

“With 2 companions, he rushed and disarmed 27 enemy pickets, capturing a stand of flags.”


Oh… but there is so much more to the story,

The Eleventh New Hampshire Volunteers, together with the Second Maryland, were tasked with the assault on Rebel Batteries.

Pvt Rowe and 2 of his buddies broke through the line and surprised a platoon of Confederates. Pvt. Rowe is reported to have hollered “Surrender, you damned rebels!”

According to eye witness accounts “ The Johnnies were rather rudely awakened from their sleep, and although twenty- seven in number, dropped their guns and surrendered to our attacking force of three” .

The rebel line was broken and Grant’s lines were drawn closer around Petersburg. Making victory a reality.





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