Troop C, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 1st ID
Republic of Vietnam
30 June 1966


longSgt Long’s troop was conducting a reconnaissance mission when they were attacked by a Viet Cong regiment, supported by mortars, recoilless rifles, and machine guns.

In spite of withering enemy fire,  Sgt. Long left the protection of his armored personnel carrier to recover wounded Americans and carry then to Dust-Off helicopters.

As the platoon fought its way forward, Sgt. Long repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire at point-blank range to shuttle ammo and supplies to forward elements of his troop.

Viet Cong swarmed Sgt Long’s APC and tried to mount it but Sgt. Long stood fearlessly and unprotected on the deck and repelled the enemy with rifle fire and grenades.

When the enemy threatened to overrun a disabled carrier nearby, Sgt. Long again disregarded his own safety to help the severely wounded crew to safety.

He was passing out ammo and reorganizing his men to press the attack when an enemy grenade landed on the APC deck.  Long instinctively shouted a warning to the crew then pushed one man to safety and threw himself on the Grenade.

Sgt. Long saved the lives of EIGHT of his brothers at the cost of his own.



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