3d Bn, 5th Marines.
near the DMZ, RVN

Pittman_RA.jpgSgt Pittman’s company was conducting operations along a narrow jungle trail. The forward element was ambushed, coming under heavy enemy fire suffering extensive casualties.

When Sgt Pittman got word that the Marines out front needed heavier firepower, He quickly exchanged his rifle for a machinegun and several bandoliers  and rushed forward toward the sound of battle.

As Pittman moved forward 2 enemy automatic weapons fired at him.   He silenced both in a matter of minutes.

After being informed there were wounded Marines just  50 yards further along the trail, he braved a  hail of enemy fire to get to his comrades.

As he reached the wounded Marines between 30 and 40 enemy soldiers began a full frontal attack.

Pittman took a position in the middle of the trail and raked the enemy with machinegun fire.

When his weapon was destroyed by an enemy round Pitman grabbed a pistol from a fallen Marine, took a weapon from a dead enemy soldier and continued to take the fight to the enemy forcing them to withdraw.


Sgt. Pittman left the Marine COrps after VIet Nam but reinlisted later and retired at the rank of Master Sgt. (e-8) and retired to Stockton CA where he passed peacefully on .
October 13, 2016 at the age of 71

An unusual caveat to history is the fact he was blind in one ey and was refused enlistment into he Army.  He had to fight for the right tonight for his country, but the USMC gave him that opportunity and he did not disappoint.

The last line of Sgt Pittman’s Medal of Honor Citation reads as follows:

“Sgt. Pittman’s daring initiative, bold fighting spirit and selfless devotion to duty inflicted many enemy casualties, disrupted the enemy attack and saved the lives of many of his wounded comrades. His personal valor at grave risk to himself reflects the highest credit upon himself, the Marine Corps, and the U.S. Naval Service.”


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