Jack (the Dog)
102nd Pennsylvania Volunteers.
Various Battlefields
1861 – 1864

jackJack, a simple “Fire Dog”, went to war when the men of his fire company enlisted in the 102nd Pennsylvania Volunteers.

Jack was wounded in battle but recovered and returned to his unit only to be captured in a future engagement.

Jack is reported to have “given great cheer to his fellow Union prisoners. Jack’s incarceration ended when he was exchanged for a Confederate Officer.

In the thick of many battles and skirmishes, Jack was captured a second time but escaped within six hours; he was severely wounded a second time at Malvern Hill and suffered several lesser wounds elsewhere.

Jack is said to have even understood the unit’s bugle calls and searched out his fallen comrades on the field.

Except for six months as a prisoner of war, Jack remained with the regiment from 1861 through 1864.


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