Co B, 1st Bn, 8th ID
Pleiku Province, RVN
18 May 1967

grandstaffPSG Grandstaff was on a reconnaissance mission near the Cambodian border when they were ambushed from 3 sides by Automatic weapons fire. PSG Grandstaff formed his men into a defensive perimeter and put up a ferocious defense.
Grandstaff  saw that several of his men had been wounded and were stranded forward of the defensive line.  He rushed 30 meters forward through intense enemy fire in spite of his best efforts he could save only one. His unit became pinned down so PSG. Grandstaff called  “Red Legs” and walked rounds in to within 45 meters of his own position.

The Cavalry heard his calls for support and showed up with gunships.  PSG. Grandstaff  he crawled outside the defensive position to mark the location with smoke grenades. Realizing his first marker was off..  he crawled to another location and threw his last smoke grenade but the smoke was restricted by the jungle canopy.

Grandstaff  was seriously wounded in the leg during the effort he refused  medical aid, and returned to his radio. Grandstaff  called in artillery again and adjusted fire to impact  even closer to his own position as the enemy advanced.

Realizing the situation was swiftly becoming untenable by  the need for additional firepower, and ammunition,  he again crawled out of the relative safety of his position. Firing several magazines of tracer ammunition through the jungle canopy.

He succeeded in designating the location to the gunships but he drew  enemy fire on himself and was wounded a second time. In intense pain and bleeding profusely, he crawled to within 10 meters of an enemy machine gun and  destroyed the position with hand grenades.

PSG. Grandstaff took his 3rd 4th and 5th wounds in the process.    He rallied his remaining men to withstand the enemy assaults.  Realizing  his position was being overrun, PSG. Grandstaff called in artillery on his own position.

Grandstaff held his ground and fought until mortally wounded by an enemy rocket.

Although every man in the platoon was a casualty, survivors attest to the indomitable spirit and exceptional courage of this outstanding combat leader who inspired his men to fight courageously against overwhelming odds and cost the enemy heavy casualties.

The last line of his Medal of Honor citation reads as follows:

“PSG. Grandstaff’s selfless gallantry, above and beyond the call of duty, are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Army and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.”


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