Company C, 18th Inf, 1st ID.
Crucifix Hill, Aachen, Germany
8 October 1944

brownCapt Brown’s Company lead the assault and eliminated several enemy Pill-Boxes, then were caught in an intense artillery barrage that pinned down.

Capt Brown grabbed a Bangalore pole charge then snuggled up with mother earth as enemy bullets whipped around him and moved forward at a low crawl.

He low crawled until he was close enough to leap to his feet and charge the aperture of the fortification. Capt Brown jammed his Bangalore through the gun port and detonated, it eliminating the threat.

He secured another Bangalore pole charge, and under continuous and intense enemy, fire his men toward the next pillbox.

Brown again ran forward and placed his charge in the enemy fortification, knocking it out. The third and last Pill-Box was pining part of Browns Company down so he again moved forward and eliminated the enemy position.

This time when he stood up to charge the enemy he was hit by mortar fire as he destroyed the enemy position.  In spite of the seriousness of his wounds, Brown refused to be evacuated and continued to move between his own positions offering encouragement and exemplary leadership.

When the need for real-time intel on enemy activities arose,  Capt. Brown went out alone. He deliberately drew enemy fire to locate gun emplacements and was wounded twice more. He managed to secure information which led to the destruction of several enemy guns and enabled his company to throw back 2 powerful counterattacks with heavy losses.

I wasn’t until after the battle was won, and his men secure that Capt. Bobbie Brown, reported to the aid station for medical treatment.


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