H Co, 2nd Battalion
442nd Regimental Combat Team
Bruyeres, France
20 Oct 1944

korudaRobert Kuroda was the sixth of seven sons of Toyoichi and Sekino Kuroda. He and his three
brothers –Ronald, Wallace, and Joe all volunteered and wanted to fight in the war to prove their loyalty.

Ssg Kurdora was leading his men in an advance to destroy snipers and machine-gun nests when they encountered heavy enemy small arms fire from a nearby ridge.

The enemy positions were well concealed so Ssg Kuroda made his way through heavy fire to the crest of the ridge. When he was within ten yards of the enemy he used hand grenades to kill all three enemy gunners.

He then continued to engage the enemy until his ammunition was depleted, he fired clip after clip killing several more enemy soldiers.

Kuroda saw an American officer wounded and lying in the open. Still alive Kuroda would not leave this brother behind.  Kuroda rushed through a hail of enemy machinegun fire, to the officer’s side only to discover he had passed.

He picked up the officer’s Tommy Gun and turned his fire on the enemy position that had felled him, killing the crew.

Kuroda was maneuvering to attack an additional enemy [position when he was l=taken by an enemy sniper.  He died where he fell. A true American Bad Ass.

Before he left for the war, Robert Kuroda set aside one-third of his Army paychecks to pay for the education of the youngest brother, Joe.  Joe honored his older brother by reaching the rank of Full Colonel in the Army and served 16 years as a Hawaii state legislator.


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