Co C, 1st Battalion, 26th Inf, 1st ID
Loc Ninh, Republic of Vietnam
7 Nov 1967

stryker-robert-fSP4. Stryker was serving as a grenadier with a long-range-reconnaissance team near Loc Ninh, RVN.

His patrol was ambushed in the dense brush by a hail of rocket, automatic weapons, and small arms fire. Enemy forces were in well-fortified and concealed bunkers in the surrounding trees.

Sp4. Stryker took the initiative and fired his M-79 into the enemy positions.  Stryker spotted enemy elements attempting to flank and encircle his unit.

In spite of withering enemy machinegun and small-arms fire, Sp4. Stryker repeatedly exposed himself to fire grenades into the trees, killing enemy snipers and enabling his comrades to repel the attack.

When. Stryker saw several wounded members of his squad in the killing zone of an enemy explosive device, he threw himself upon the mine as it was detonated, vaporizing much of his body.

He shielded his wounded brothers from the explosion and gave his life that they might live.

He gave his life that they would live.

If you ever served in a Stryker unit, you know the Proud Steed you rode into battle was named for SP4 Robert F. Stryker, MOH


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