Co C, 893d Tank Destroyer Battalion
Kommerscheidt, Germany
4-6 November 1944

turney1Lt Leonard was in command of a platoon of mobile weapons at Kommerscheidt, Germany, during a  fierce 3-day engagement.

The Lt repeatedly advanced ahead of his platoon in the face of withering enemy resistance, to direct the fire of his tank destroyer from exposed positions.

He made several single-handed reconnaissance missions to locate and zero fire on enemy positions.

When he found an enemy Machine gun emplacement Lt. Leonard advanced alone and eliminated the enemy emplacement with a hand grenade.

When he saw that a focused enemy counter-attack threatened to breach and nearby American positions, Leonard moved through withering artillery, mortar, and small arms fire, to get to the Americans in Jeopardy.

He took command and reorganized confused infantry units whose leaders had become casualties, and lead them from the front.

In spite of being seriously wounded at battle’s onset, 1Lt Leonard continued to direct fire from his advanced position until he was hit by an enemy HE round that turned his arm into a mass of pink mush.

He was last seen at a medical aid station which was subsequently attacked and captured by the enemy.


Author’s note.

Although there are no living witnesses, this old Soldier would bet you a case of “Black Label” that the LT, died defending the other wounded.


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