3rd Infantry Division
Mignano, Italy
10 Nov 1943

brittCpt. (then 1Lt) . Britt inspired and led a handful of his men and stopped a bitter counter-attack involving over 100 enemy soldiers. Britt’s field glasses and canteen were both hit by machinegun fire as well as Britt himself who took rounds to the chest, face, and side.

In spite of his wounds, Cpt. Britt ordered medics to treat his men first, while the Officer mounted a defense against an attack on the aid station killing 5 enemy and wounding several more before destroying a Crew served weapon and dispatching the crew to their god.

Cpt. Britt’s actions under fire, utterly disregarding superior enemy numbers, resulted in the capture of 4 Germans and enabled several captured Americans to escape.

The Captain was involved in countless later engagements and on 12 Feb 1944 an enemy artillery round severed his right arm forcing him to be evacuated,  Captain Britt was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on 10 Nov. but also received the  Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart from the United States, as well as the Military Cross of the British Empire and the Al Valoré Militaré Merit from the Italians.

Britt received his Medal of Honor on the University of Arkansas football field during the 1944 commencement ceremony.  Maurice was elected Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas and served from 1966 to 1970.


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