3rd Infantry Division
Mignano, Italy
11 November 1943

lindstromLindstrom’s platoon was providing fire support to a rifle company when the enemy mounted a fierce counter attack the forced the Infantry to retreat.

Pfc. Lindstrom and his small group were separated, alone and outnumbered 5 to 1, so he deployed his few remaining men into position and opened fire with his single gun.

Since Lindstrom and his team were the only serious resistance the enemy was facing…  they focused all their firepower on him.


Seeing he was unable to take out a key enemy gun emplacement from his fixed position Pfc Lindstrom . picked up his own heavy machinegun and ran up the , rocky hillside to a new position where he was completely exposed.

Only 10 meters from the enemy Lindstrom engaged the enemy gun crew in an intense firefight but his fire was ineffective because the enemy had cover from a large rock formation.

Lindstrom abandoned his Machinegun and charged uphill under a steady stream of fire, to the enemy positon where he killed the crew with his sidearm and retrieved their weapon and 2 cases of Ammo for his own men to use against the advancing enemy.

He didn’t just kick their asses, He took their toys.

Pfc Lindstrom was recommended for the Medal of Honor for his actions and given the opportunity to serve in the rear.  He chose to stay with his men and on Feb 3 1945 PFC Floyd K. Lindstrom was killed in Action on Anzio Beachhead.


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