Co K, 21st Inf Reg, 24th ID
Kumsong, Korea
15 November 1951

jordanAs a squad leader he was leading his squad in a night attack on key terrain when they were blocked by intense small-arms and automatic-weapons fire and hand grenades.

When the order to withdraw was given, Jordan remained behind voluntarily to provide covering fire.

Jordan crawled to a position where he could hurl grenades into an enemy gun position then he fearlessly leapt to his feet and attacked the entrenched enemy killing several and forcing the rest to retreat.

Pfc Jordan continued forward silencing a second enemy gun emplacement but before he could move on an enemy sapper managed to throw a satchel charge close enough that it severed both of Jordan’s legs from his torso.

In spite of his mortal wounds, Jordan continued to engage the enemy and held his ground until American troops regained the field and caught up with him.


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