80th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
8th Fighter-Bomber Wing
over Sniper Ridge, North Korea
22 November 1952

loringLoring was leading a flight of 4 F-80 type aircraft on a close support mission to silence enemy gun positions which were harassing friendly ground troops.

After positive target identification, Maj Loring and his flight rolled in on a bombing run.

Unusually accurate ground fire was directed on Loring’s lead aircraft as he dived on the target.

Maj. Loring pressed the attack until his aircraft took catastrophic airframe damage and was no longer flyable.   At the controls of what was little more than a “Falling Rock” with very minimal flight control.

At approximately 4,000 feet, Loring made a deliberate 45-deg maneuver aiming his F-80 at the last active enemy gun emplacements.

He elected to protect his brothers on the ground with is last act of courage sacrificing own life by diving his aircraft directly into the midst of the enemy emplacements.

The Major completed his mission – He completely destroyed the enemy gun emplacement and eliminated a dangerous threat to United States ground forces.


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