Co F, 7th Inf Reg, 3rd ID
Near Kowang-San, Korea
23 and 24 Nov 1951


knightPfc Knight was manning a key defensive position when the enemy charged his position. Two direct hits destroyed Knights bunker leaving him badly wounded and without cover.
Knight retreated to a ditch but discovered he had no firing position so he left the relative safety of the ditch and moved through heavy fire in full view of the enemy while firing into their ranks sending then into retreat.

Later during another attack, Knight spotted an enemy squad infiltrating the US position.  He attacked personally killing or wounding the entire group. Out of ammunition Knight was heading to the rear to get more when he saw 3 enemy soldiers entering the friendly position with demolition charges.

Understanding that detonation would open the line and allow the enemy to exploit the breach, he fearlessly rushed forward using his rifle as a club he put 2 of the enemy demo team down with the butt of his rifle when the third detonated their charge killing Pfc. Knight.


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