Company E, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines
1st Marine Division
North of Yudam-ni, Korea
27 and 28 Nov 1950

kennemorerobertSSG Kennemore was leading a machine gun section when the company’s defensive perimeter was overrun during a savage night attack north of Yudam-ni.

His platoon leader seriously wounded, SSG. Kennemore unhesitatingly assumed command.

He swiftly reorganized his men into consolidating the position.

An enemy grenade landed in the middle of his men.

SSG Kennemore placed his foot on the explosive and, in the face of almost certain death, personally absorbed the full force of the explosion to prevent injury to his fellow marines.

Turns out a Chinese made hand grenade is no match for a foot born in Greenville, SC, and a Marine issue boot. – Kennemore survived.

He made that last muster on April 26, 1989, in Oakland CA.


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