Co B, 5th Bn, (Airmobile)
7th Cavalry, 1st Cav
1 December 1966

AlbaneseLx01cPfc. Albanese was advancing on a well-concealed and dug-in enemy through dense jungle growth when he started taking heavy Sniper fire from an enemy position concealed in a ditch on his left flank.

Security for the left flank of the platoon was Albanese’s responsibility.

Fully understanding the danger to his fellow Cav Troopers, Pfc. Albanese fixed bayonet then moved into the ditch and silenced the Sniper.

The platoon continued in the advance and Albanese discovered that he had not taken out a Sniper position but had jumped into a well-constructed enemy bunker complex.

You could say he jumped into the hornets’ nest.

After dispatching the first Sniper team, Albanese just kept on moving into the complex after killing the sniper team.

He advanced approx. 100 meters into the bunker complex killing 6 more Snipers who were unaware that an American had breached their defenses.

Pfc. Lewis Albanese was mortally wounded when he engaged and killed 2 more enemy soldiers in fierce hand-to-hand combat.

His actions saved the lives of several members of his platoon who were being targeted by the well-concealed sniper teams in the bunker complex and turned the tide of the battle.

Pfc Lewis Albanese had Watermelons.


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