Co C, 4th Infantry.
Hurtgen Forest
Schevenhutte, Germany
Dec  2-3, 1944

canoMexican Immigrant Pedro Cano was proud to be am American – and when his new country called … Pedro answered.

When Cano’s unit engaged the enemy in an intense 2-day battle. By the second day, Cano had Single-handedly eliminated nearly 30 enemy troops.

Later the second day while on patrol, his platoon was ambushed and decimated by a much larger force.

Cano lay wounded and motionless on the ground playing possum as the enemy occupied Cano’s position.

Once enough of them were in range, Cano detonated a hand grenade in the midst of the enemy soldiers killing or wounded all of them.

Cano somehow survived, He passed away at home with his wife and daughter 6 years later. He received the Texas Legislature Medal of Honor. A school in Edinburg, Texas is named after Cano.


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