Co L, 8th U.S. Infantry.
La Paz, Leyte, Philippine Islands
5 December 1906

WELDSeth Weld lied about his age to qualify for enlistment in 1899. He was assigned to 39th Company, Coast Artillery at Fort McHenry.

In late 1905, Weld transferred to the 8th Infantry, deploying to fight in the Philippine-American War, also known as the Philippine Insurrection.

On Dec. 5th 1906 Weld saw a Constabulary officer and a fellow soldier surrounded by approx. 40 of the enemy.

Welds weapon was disabled by enemy fire, and his arm torn open by an enemy bolo leaving the young corporal defenseless and unable to rescue his comrades.  Weld could not leave his fellow Americans to a merciless enemy. In an act of complete selflessness, he used the stock of his weapon as a bludgeon killing several of the enemy and forcing the rest to retreat, allowing Weld to rescue the two wounded Americans.



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