HHC, 199th Infantry Brigade
TDY to Co. A, 4th Bn 12th Inf
I99th Light Infantry Brigade
Phuoc-Lac, Bien Hoa province, RVN
6 December 1967

angelo_j_litekyChaplain Liteky distinguished himself while serving with Company A. The company was conducting a search and destroy operation when they came under intense fire from a battalion size enemy force.

The soldiers hugged the ground for cover. Chaplain Liteky spotted 2 Americans down and moved to within 15 meters of an enemy machine gun position to reach them, placing himself between the enemy and the wounded men. He managed to drag both soldiers to the relative safety of the landing zone.

Inspired by their Chaplain’s courageous actions, the company rallied and began placing a heavy volume of fire upon the enemy’s positions. The fearless Cleric began moving upright through the enemy fire, administering last rites to the dying and evacuating the wounded.

Chaplain Liteky crawled to the aid of another pinned down American. The wounded man was too heavy to carry so the Chaplain he rolled on his back, placed the man on his chest and through sheer determination and fortitude crawled back to the landing zone using his elbows and heels to push himself along.

He immediately returned to the action and came another wounded American, tangled in the thorny underbrush. Intense enemy fire was directed at him, but Chaplain Liteky stood his ground and calmly broke the vines and carried the man to the landing zone for evacuation.

More than once when the landing zone was under small arms and rocket fire, Chaplain Liteky stood up in the face of hostile fire and personally directed the medivac helicopters into and out of the area. With the wounded safely evacuated, Chaplain Liteky returned to the perimeter, constantly encouraging and inspiring the men.

When CO. A was relieved on the following morning, it was discovered that despite painful wounds in the neck and foot, Chaplain Liteky had personally carried over 20 men to the landing zone for evacuation during the savage fighting.

Through his indomitable inspiration and heroic actions and giant balls, Chaplain Liteky saved the lives of a number of his comrades and enabled the company to repulse the enemy. Chaplain Liteky’s actions reflect great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Army.

On an odd Note…

Before his death, in an act of protest against the Reagan admins support for Central American Right-Wing dictators, he returned his Medal of Honor to Congress.



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