Co. E, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd ID
Changbong-ni, Korea,
2 January 1951

edwED jUNIORSFC Edwards’ Platoon was assisting in the defense of a strategic hill, but  was forced out of its position by  vicious raking fire from an enemy machine-gun set up on the adjacent high ground,

SFC,. Edwards individually charged the hostile emplacement, throwing grenades as he advanced. The enemy withdrew but returned to deliver devastating fire as soon as Edwards had expended his ammunition.

Securing a fresh supply of grenades, Edwards again charged the emplacement, neutralized the weapon and killed the crew. He was eventually forced back by hostile small-arms fire.

When the enemy set up another machine gun and resumed fire, SFC. Edwards again renewed his supply of grenades, rushed a third time through a vicious hail of fire, silenced this second gun and annihilated its crew. In this third daring assault, he was mortally wounded but his indomitable courage and successful action enabled his platoon to regain and hold the vital strongpoint.

SFC Edwards’ consummate valor and gallant self-sacrifice reflect the utmost glory upon himself and are in keeping with the esteemed traditions of the infantry and military service.


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