Battery C, 499th Armored Field Artillery Bn
14th Armored Division.
Philippsbourg, France
3 January 1945

PFC Turner found himself cut off from his unit by an enemy infantry attack.

turnerHe spotted 2 German tanks with about 75 infantry advancing down the main street of the village. Turner put his hands on a rocket launcher, then advanced under intense small-arms and cannon fire.

Turner took up a position out in the open – void of cover in the middle of the street. He took aim and sent it, destroying one enemy tank, and disabling the second. He took a machinegun from a disable Half-track and again took a position out in the open to provide covering fire to retreating Americans.

The American counterattack which followed destroyed two supporting tanks. Several Americans were pinned down in disable armored vehicles. PFC went to their aid, firing a light machinegun from the hip, holding the enemy off until the crews were able to extricate themselves and get to cover.

Turner then ran through a hail of fire to an American tank that was on fire, Turner knew that the crew had not gotten out. He ran into the flames and attempted to rescue the crew, but an explosion of the tank’s ammunition frustrated his effort and wounded him.

Turner refused evacuation and remained with his infantry until the following day, when he spotted an enemy patrol and sent them packing with serious casualties. Turner knew that the wounded needed to get to medical aid. He selflessly volunteered to drive a truck through heavy enemy fire to deliver wounded men to the rear aid station.

PFC Turner passed from natural causes on June 29, 1963, in  Encino, CA


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