Company B, 513th PIR
Flamierge, Belgium
4 January 1945

On 4 January 1945, Co. B was pinned down by enemy artillery, mortar, and small arms fire.

In addition, 2 enemy tanks showed up inflicting heavy casualties. SSG Jachman, spotted a jachmanBazooka abandoned by another wounded soldier. Knowing there was but one opportunity to stop the enemy advance.

Jachman, with absolute disregard for his own safety, dashed across open ground through a hail of fire and seizing the bazooka then advancing on the enemy tanks.

Enemy gunners concentrated their fire on the lone American as he advanced to within range of his Bazooka. Without the benefit of a n asst. gunner, Jachman engaged the enemy tanks destroying one and forcing the 2nd to flee with battle damage.

In protecting his brothers, SSG Jachman suffered fatal wounds but disrupted the entire enemy attack, making it possible for his fellow Paratroopers to turn the tide of the battle.



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