U.S. Army, Medical Service Corps
54th Med Det, 67th Med. Grp.
44th Medical Brigade
Near Chu Lai, RVN
6 January 1968

Patrick_Brady.jpgMaj. Brady was a Dust-Off Pilot, that in itself is impressive and warrants respect, placing him on the of the Baddest of them al list.  Maj. Brady volunteered for a rescue mission recovering wounded soldiers from enemy held territory. He would be doing it under heavy fire.

Dense smoke obliterated any line of sight so Maj. Brady used his rotor wash to clear the smoke and recover two wounded men in spite of unchallenged, close-range enemy fire. (Dust-Off birds were unarmed) He landed and evacuated 2 badly wounded South Vietnamese soldiers.

As he pulled out of the rescue site a second distress call was heard. An American infantry unit was pinned down less than 50-meters from enemy position.

Two aircraft had previously been shot down and several others had made unsuccessful attempts.

Maj. Brady’s unmatched skill and extraordinary courage provoked him to make FOUR flights to the Hot LZ successfully rescuing the wounded. On his third flight in, Maj. Brady landed at a site surrounded by the enemy forces. The friendly ground force was pinned down by enemy fire. They were unable to reach and secure the landing zone.

With his bird shot to hell, his flight controls partially shot, he pulled out with his patients and went to find a new aircraft.  As soon as he got his hands on a flyable aircraft, Maj. Brady was called into an active minefield to rescue a squad of Americans also pinned down by Viet Cong.

A mine detonated near his helicopter, wounding 2 crewmembers and damaging his new ship. In spite of the damage, Brady managed to fly six more severely injured patients to medical aid.

Over the course of the day Maj. Brady had THREE helicopters shot out from under him and evacuated a total of 51 wounded soldiers, most of whom would never have survived without Dust-Off.

Maj. Brady retired from the Army in 1993 at the rank of O-8, Major General  (Two-Star General)
He is 84 years old.

brady old2


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