Co F, 143d Infantry, 36th ID
San Angelo, Italy
22 January 1944

SSG. McCall commanded a machinegun section that was to provide added fire support mccallfor the riflemen during an attack on German positions to the west of San Angelo Under cover of darkness.

They advanced to the river crossing under intense enemy fire then crossed an ice-covered bridge. Casualties mounted on the West side of the bridge and reorganization was imperative.

Exposing himself to the deadly enemy machinegun and small arms fire, SSG McCall reorganized his men into an effective fighting unit then led them forward.

He guided his men through a barbed-wire entanglement to reach a road where he set up 2 gun emplacements, covering the units front.

Enemy artillery killed the gunner and wounded the asst. gunner of one of the forward positions.  McCall crawled out and rendered first aid to the wounded man, dragging him to cover.

The second gun crew had also been wounded  leaving McCall the only remaining member of his section.

He ran forward firing his machinegun from the hip killing or wounding all of the enemy gun crew and putting the gun out of action.

A second machinegun engaged McCall  and he rushed its position, a third machinegun, 50 yards in rear of the first two, continued to deliver fire on US troops.

SSG McCall was last seen as he was courageously moving forward on the enemy position, firing his machinegun from his hip.  He survived and went on to serve in combat during the Korean War where he was again wounded and promoted to Master Sergeant.

McCall died at age 49.  He drowned while rescuing his 8-year-old son, Thomas Jr. He was buried in Spring Vale Cemetery, Lafayette, Indiana.


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