SSG Clifford C. Sims
D Co. 2d Battalion (Airborne),
501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Div.
21 February 1968

Serving as squad leader with D. CO SSG Sims’ squad was assaulting a heavily fortified Simsand well-concealed enemy position when the enemy mounted a ferocious counter-attack. SSG Sims realized a platoon of Americans were pinned down and took immediate action rallying his squad into a counteroffensive to rescue the pinned sown Americans.

SSG. Sims was directed to move his squad and provide covering fire for the company command group trying to link up with D Co’s 3rd platoon, who were under heavy enemy attack and in need of reinforcement.  As the squad moved past the structure being used as the company’s ammo bunker, Sims noticed it had been hit and was on fire. Sims took immediate action to move his squad away from the bunker. Two of his men were injured by the subsequent explosion of the ammunition, but SSG Sims’ prompt actions undoubtedly prevented more serious casualties from occurring.

Continuing their mission, Sims led his squad through the dense jungle under heavy enemy fire. As the Americans were approaching the target bunker, SSG Sims heard the unmistakable noise of a concealed booby trap being triggered. SSG Sims shouted for his men to take cover then unhesitatingly and without regard for his own welfare, hurled himself upon the device as it exploded, taking the full force of the blast, and willingly sacrificing his life for his men.

Author’s note.

That must have been one hell of a gunfight, a second Squad leader from the same Platoon, SSG Joe Hooper,  was awarded the MOH for the same battle.


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