Seaman David G. Ouellet
River Squadron 5,
My Tho Detachment 53
Mekong River, RVN
6 March 1967

River Patrol Boat (PBR) 124, which was on patrol during the early evening hours, Seaman ouleteOuellet was at his station on the forward gun when he observed suspicious activity near the river bank and alerted his boat captain.

While the PBR was making a high-speed run along the river bank to check the activity, Seaman Ouellet spotted an incoming enemy grenade falling toward the boat. He immediately left the protected position of his gun mount and ran aft for the full length of the speeding boat, shouting to his fellow crewmembers to take cover.

The boat captain was standing unprotected to the aft of the vessel, unaware of the impending blast.  Seaman Ouellet sprang toward his Captain pushing him down to safety.

In the face of certain death, Seaman Ouellet fearlessly placed himself between the detonation and his shipmates, courageously absorbing most of the blast fragments.  He was just shy of his 23rd birthday when he gave his life for his brothers.


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